140 - If They Win - America Loses!

Thru The Gathering Storm

Aug 5 2020 • 2 mins

Episode 140 of the Thru the Gathering Storm Podcast will feature a piece by Chaplain R.T. Byrum. In it he will talk about the consequences of the next national elections for America.

“Elections have consequences” may seem to be a shopworn cliché but it will never be truer than in 2020. For decades the shadowy predator called socialism remained low key waiting for the right moment to strike at the heart of America. Having taken over the Democratic leadership, the fake news organizations and the social media, it finally had a crisis it would not waste—protesting the wrongful death of George Floyd, a man with a long criminal record. The openly Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter, jumped into action and cities burned. They must not be allowed to win.