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Lowcountry Murder: Interview with Rita Shuler, Part I
Nov 11 2021
Lowcountry Murder: Interview with Rita Shuler, Part I
In 1978, Elaine Fogle was found murdered in her home in rural South Carolina. After months of investigation by local and state investigators, the case went cold. But one of those investigators, Lieutenant Rita Shuler, wouldn't let it go: Shuler would spend the next 40 years pursuing Fogle's case until she finally cracked it -- and then wrote a book about it. This episode is part one of our two-part interview with Shuler, author of "The Lowcountry Murder of Gwendolyn  Elaine Fogle: A Cold Case Solved", out now from Arcadia Publishing.For decades, evidence of the 1978 murder of Gwendolyn Elaine Fogle lay in the evidence room at the Walterboro Police Department. Investigators periodically revisited the case over the years, but it remained the department’s top cold case for thirty-seven years. Special Agent Lieutenant Rita Shuler worked on the case shortly after she joined the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), and she couldn’t let it go, not even after her retirement in 2001. In May 2015, Lieutenant Shuler teamed up with new investigator Corporal Gean Johnson, and together they uncovered key evidence that had been overlooked. With new advancements in DNA and fingerprint technology, they brought the case to its end in just four months. Join host Ben Morris as he interviews Rita Shuler, author of Murder in Pleasanton: Tina Faelz and the Search for Justice, published by The History Press. Find us on your favorite podcast provider, or on