Sam and Em SOLVE the Existential Questions with Annie Falcke!

Sam and Em Solve The World's Problems

Jul 27 2020 • 47 mins

Happy Monday! And welcome to the episode you've all been waiting for, the one we hyped up heaps in the first episode!

In today's episode, with our great friend Annie Falcke, we talk about spirituality, fundamentalism, the big existential questions. Annie is an incredible mentor and friend to us, and someone who has a lot to say about the ways in which humanity exists, finds meaning and interacts with each other. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we do!

Spirituality types and assignments that we mentioned: (Inpsired by the writings of Caroline Ware in the book Discover your Spirituality Type,1995 and adapted for a Millenial/Gen Z audience by Annie Falcke)

We may experience aspects of all four of these, but may lean toward one or two categories more than the other... It's a quadrant Style System


  • Experience spirit as mystery, God as unknowable. They feel a 'oneness' with God or the universe, and enjoy listening. Taking care of their inner life essential to maintaining their outer life. Find value in silence, nature, and retreat to connect with the divine. May enjoy contemplative practices of many faiths, not just those of their own group. Are interested in more abstract expressions of spirituality including dance, rituals, sensory experiences, using ancient languages for spiritual practice (such as sanskrit in yoga or latin in orthodox Christianity) spiritual music without lyrics, poetry, wild places in nature, and philosophy.
  • Activity to try: Lay outside in a warm blanket and look up at the stars. Feel your face go cold. Do you think about all the other humans who have looked up at the stars throughout history? Do you think about your purpose on this earth? Do you love asking questions more than you love having answers?


  • Rational thinkers, like precise thinking and speaking. Less inclined toward emotion, mystery. Enjoy logic, and clear articulation of truth. Concrete (not abstract) ideas, understanding important. Experience spirit in the clarity of understanding.
  • Find spiritual connection in: Words, including scripture, poetry, well written articles or books, articulate speakers, persuasive arguments. Enjoy study, learning, sermons, scriptures. May express that they 'believe' in God and are convinced by the integrity of the scriptures.
  • Activity to try: Watch a TED talk (or find a well written piece on a human rights issue or ethical question) and see if your brain enjoys chewing over the logic or truth of the argument, and how it impacts your understanding of the world.


  • Emotional, social beings who experience the spirit through the knowledge of the heart (feelings and experiences). Enjoy connecting with other people, sharing in the lives and stories of others, the joy and sorrow. Enjoy creative and spontaneous spiritual experiences, often enjoy music, testimonies, storytelling, feeling part of a community, demonstrating love and appreciation for people in their group/tribe.
  • May find spiritual connection in: affirmation, music & singing (especially emotional, spontaneous, or creative styles), personal experiences, shared experiences. May often express that they are 'in relationship' with God and speak to God in prayer.
  • Activity to try: Write a short note to 3 people you don't normally speak deeply with and pop it in their mailbox (or DM) expressing what you love about them, and what they mean to you. Do you feel all the feelings radiating from your heart centre?


  • Faith is action, doing the work, following your conviction. "Being the change you want to see in the world". Drawn to examples of injustice, natural advocates. Seek ways to live out the ideas of their faith - be it compassionate care work, social work, charity or not-for-profit work, community organising or even politics. They are often more interested in being with like-minded people of action than like-minded people of faith in their faith group. Work cooperatively across faith groups to get the work done.
  • Enjoy both mystical and intellectual spiritual practices, especially as it relates to ethics, justice, truth, human rights, environmental justice, animal cruelty and taking responsibility for our individual role in bringing about 'The Kingdom of God'. (Peace, Justice, Equality, Cooperation, Respect)
  • Activity to try: Next time you see a homeless person on the street, stop and say hello and talk to them for a few minutes, even buy them a meal. You might find yourself drawn into their story emotionally (heart), or you might find a little fire in you that starts burning for the injustices and social failtures that allowed this story to happen (Kingdom). Or you might be a beautiful combination of both.

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