Carla Harris on The Future of Leadership

Inclusion Begins with Me: Conversations That Matter

Mar 21 2023 • 39 mins

How can we adapt to new challenges and expectations as new employees join our workforce? What does it mean to find and cultivate talent? How does a good leader help their staff grow and thrive?

Carla Harris is a Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley and a member of Metlife’s Board of Directors. She’s written several books. The most recent was titled Lead to Win.

In this episode, we spoke with her about:

  • Why leadership matters in DEI
  • How to cultivate modern leaders
  • Why leaders have to adapt to create inclusive workplaces

At Metlife, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and we believe making a difference in the lives of our customers, community, and the world around us is #AllTogetherPossible. Learn more and join us at

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