Ep331: RePod: How long will it take?

Notes in the Margin

Dec 15 2022 • 32 mins

Join us for a pre-festive Repod in which Vicky and Joe discuss: how long will it take? (To write a book, of course.) The short answer: that depends on you, your time, the type of book you’re writing, and a bunch of other stuff. In other words: dunno. The long answer: well, listen in and find out!

Key Takeaways:

[6:25] Joe fell through the ceiling at the Dingle! Ouch!

[10:50] How long will it take to write a nonfiction book?

[13:00] If you write every day…well Vicky did some math calculations for you!

[17:15] Where do you start when it comes to writing your book?

[19:00] If you want to write the best possible book in the world, you need to be able to know what the opposition’s points are.

[21:50] Sometimes writing involves just starting out at a window.

[23:40] Your book is now ready for editing! In an ideal world, it’ll take about four months to get to this point.

[26:05] Remember to grab yourself a set of beta readers to help you refine your book!

[28:00] Vicky estimates it’ll take about 29 weeks to get yourself your very own book!

[29:15] Grab Vicky’s free advent calendar! Link in the show notes.

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