Ep326: Feel Good Where You Write with Hannah de Keijzer

Notes in the Margin

Nov 3 2022 • 24 mins

How often do you think about what your body’s doing while you write? Do you find yourself twisted up like a shrimp (prawn for brits) by the end of the day? Writing space not inspiring you to greatness? Then listen up because Hannah de Keijzer is an ex professional dancer and she is a magician when it comes to writing spaces that make you feel good, as well as boost creativity. Come and join us as we talk about shrimps and trolls, little touches that can make all the difference, and Cilantro Pig. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] A little bit about Hannah and the work that she does.

[4:30] Why are you feeling stuck? Why are you feeling uninspired?

[7:30] Hannah worked with someone recently who was feeling really uncomfortable in her space.

[9:40] There’s a hidden cost to not working with your body.

[12:00] Hannah shares an example of how you can be inspired in your workplace. For her, she loves her cilantro pig.

[15:40] Vicky shares what she loves about her mini work space.

[17:50] Hannah has a special offer for Vicky’s listeners!

[20:20] By the way, Vicky has an opening for her micro book writing session!

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