Ep334: Science The Shit Out Of It

Notes in the Margin

Jan 12 2023 • 27 mins

This week, Vicky and Joe science the shit out of choosing your book topic! Vicky is doing a really cool programme called Ship 30 for 30, and realised it’s a fabulous way of deciding on your book topic. So tune in and find out why we should be publishing lots of stuff all the time, how to bypass perfectionism, and how Twitter can be a golden source of ideas.

Key Takeaways:

[4:00] Project Dingle update!

[5:25] Is my idea the right idea for a book?

[8:00] Some books just start off just from a simple tweet.

[13:15 ] Is it disingenuous to write a book that you don’t actually want to write?

[18:50] Vicky explains her process on how she creates a curated feed.

[19:40] Check the data. What are the trends happening right now?

[20:45] Start posting random topics in your niche now!

[21:50] Keep repeating the process!

[23:40] Remember, it’s okay to fail in public!

[25:35] Should you write about your feelings? Vicky’s got some thoughts. Tune in next week for it!

[25:35] Interested in writing your microbook? Now you can in March. Sign up!

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