The world of procurement consultancy with Simon Whatson - Efficio, Simon Geale - Proxima and Jeremy Smith - 4C Associates #17

Talent Talks Podcast

Jul 23 2020 • 46 mins

For this very special episode of Talent Talks, I’m delighted to be joined by three well-known leading experts in the world of procurement consultancy for a panel discussion;

  • Simon Whatson - Principal - Efficio Consulting
  • Simon Geale - VP - Proxima
  • Jeremy Smith - Managing Partner - 4C Associates

We discuss using external consultants versus hiring procurement talent in-house and what the mindset and skills  it takes to succeed as a Procurement Consultant.

We also flip the questions and discuss CPO’s experiences on when working and engaging with procurement consultancies hasn’t worked and why, the importance of empathy and understanding, and the future of the profession.

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