#43 Rachel Cossar, international gymnast, ballerina and entrepreneur

Human Impact

Oct 31 2018 • 53 mins

Rachel Cossar is an embodiment expert with a unique background in nonverbal performance in extremely high-pressure contexts. For 15 years, she trained and competed as a Rhythmic Gymnast on the Canadian National Team. From this career, she joined the Boston Ballet, performing lead roles in front of thousands of audience members and on stages across the globe. With experience as a major gift fundraising professional at Harvard University and New England Conservatory, Rachel has experience applying all of the programmatic content in real-world business scenarios.

Rachel leads highly experiential workshops, as founder and CEO of Choreography for Business, designed to identify and master nonverbal cues to align personal intention with positive power and impact. Her programs have helped meet the needs of consultants, sales teams, executives, hospitality professionals and political figures among others. Rachel’s world class, physical expertise enables an understanding and application of body language both for ourselves and for all social interactions.

Rachel talks to Ed Andrew about her career and life, transitioning from world class gymnast to leading ballerina and then her journey into entrepreneurship. In a technology driven world Rachel discusses the importance of identifying our basic human system and becoming more connected how we can use non verbal cues to be present, make an impact and communicate better. Rachel is full of humour and is passionately dedicated to bringing more humanity to work.