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Episode 14: Accountability in Your Marriage
Sep 28 2022
Episode 14: Accountability in Your Marriage
I’ve traveled for almost two decades, performing over four thousand shows in all fifty states and in twenty-one countries. During these years, I’ve been hit on by a few women, been put into hotels next to strip clubs, and experienced a variety of scenarios that could have compromised my relationship with Kimberly. However, one habit changed our ministry from the beginning because of some expert advice given by author and comedian, Ken Davis. He told me, “Danny, as soon as you can afford it, have someone travel with you. It’s a game changer.” From day one, some- one has traveled with me to keep me accountable (and to run live video).Staying focused on the road is so much easier when I can share my struggles with someone and ask him to keep me on track. Bringing someone else on the road created shared experiences, helped me build great friendships, and kept me focused as it helped keep my marriage strong. On a regular basis, I watch people compromise their values on the road because no one is holding them accountable for their actions. If you find yourself traveling for work, I highly recommend you have someone travel with you or keep you accountable on the road. It’s hard out there. On the financial end, a travel companion never makes sense. It always cost more money to have someone travel with me, but I would rather lose profit than integrity.In the rare situation when I am on my own on the road, I talk to my accountability partners and tell them my plan of action to stay pure. Usually, I start with a simple phone call. I tell them where I’m going, what I’m doing, and what times I’ll be by myself. I ask them to keep me in their prayers and to call me at certain times when temptations might be higher.I’ve also memorized 2 Timothy 2:22 and other verses that remind me to not just run from temptation but also to run toward something good. Remembering that the rewards of living for God are so much better than the chains of the old life has been a great weapon in my own journey of accountability.