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Snark Tank

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Our Editor's Take

The Snark Tank is a comedy podcast. The show's three hosts sit down to discuss pretty much anything and everything - with hilarious results. The host's nicknames are Chris Ray Gun, Tom "Sween" Sweeny, and SomeBlackGuy. They make fun of current affairs, entertainment news, and each other in each episode. Almost any topic is up for discussion on this show.

The Snark Tank podcast has many long episodes. Each episode ranges from two to three hours long, with minimal editing. It allows the hosts to take the conversation wherever they want. The hosts discuss politics, film, gaming, and internet culture. They take current events and give them a comedic spin.

Almost no public figure can escape the trio's taunting. The podcast makes fun of politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Mitch McConnell. They joke about Greta Thunberg, Andrew Tate, and Elon Musk. Other times, they give honest opinions on new film releases or rank video games. In one episode, the boys argue over Spider-Man. In another episode, they give their opinions on the Barbenheimer phenomenon. The show's tone is eccentric, hilarious, and sometimes crude.

In other episodes of The Snark Tank, the hosts discuss something random. In "Greece Is In Central Italy," the hosts are hysterical as they guess the location of Greece wrong. In "Fear The Yoo-Hoo Drinker," the guys joke about people who drink the chocolate drink Yoo-hoo. The hosts debate whether they should create an OnlyFans account on the podcast. In another episode, they wonder who would react the worst to a ghost haunting. Elsewhere, they wonder about the existence of aliens. In another conversation, they talk about the rise of deepfakes and what it could mean for society.

With such varied topics, knowing where the conversation will go next is hard. The Snark Tank podcast releases new episodes every week.

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