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Reclaiming Your Cycle: Understanding Hypothalamic Amenorrhea with Sarah King

The Female Fitness Formula - with Sheridan Skye

Jul 27 2023 • 54 mins

In this episode of the Female Fitness Formula podcast, you'll hear an insightful interview with Sarah King, an accredited exercise physiologist and health and recovery coach. This episode is especially relevant for active women who may be struggling with hypothalamic amenorrhea, a condition that can impact their overall performance and well-being.

Sarah opens up about her personal experience with an eating disorder and hypothalamic amenorrhea, making her insights relatable and valuable. She shares her approach to helping clients overcome these challenges, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between exercise and recovery.

One key takeaway from this episode is the significance of estrogen for optimal performance in active women. Sarah explains how low energy availability can contribute to hypothalamic amenorrhea and highlights the role of macronutrients in restoring hormonal balance.

But it's not just about the physical aspects. Sarah and host Sheridan Skye also delve into the psychological factors that play a role in hypothalamic amenorrhea and disordered eating. They discuss the fear of losing control and the psychological and physiological aspects of food cravings.

Throughout the conversation, Sarah emphasizes the importance of rest and true rest in overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea. She provides practical advice and strategies for listeners to implement in their own lives.

So, if you're an active woman dealing with hypothalamic amenorrhea or if you're interested in learning more about this topic, this episode is a must-listen. Sarah's expertise and personal experience make for an engaging and informative conversation that will leave you feeling empowered and equipped to take control of your own health and well-being.

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