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DJ Kingblind presents: The Big Beat Online Radio Show. www.djkingblind.com Every week we talk about and play the best in Rock, Punk, Garage, Northern Soul and all things inbetween. The Podcast is an homage to the great radio shows & DJs that inspire me to this day. New episodes every week, subscribe to make sure you never miss a beat.
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DJ Kingblind presents The Big Beat online radio show- This week we talk about & play the best music in a themed Podcast called "Song about Outer Space"  Space-themed music is any music, from any genre or style, with lyrics or titles relating to outer space or space travel. Songs or other musical forms influenced by the concept of outer space have appeared in music throughout history, both in instrumental and vocal pieces with lyrics. As early as Ancient Greece, Pythagoras believed in something called the "harmony of the spheres". He believed that since planets and the stars all moved in the universe according to mathematical equations that these mathematical equations could be translated into musical notes and thus produce a symphony. This idea was explored further throughout Western history under the theories of Musica universalis. Some more recent and widely different examples are The Planets by Gustav Holst, and the song "Space Oddity" by David Bowie. Outer space also appears as a theme in "space age" retro pop music, such as Stereolab's Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music.Music about outer space attracts enthusiastic listeners from all walks of life. This week we talk about songs about outer space in words and music. Find all links for DJ Kingblind here: https://linktr.ee/kingblind#podcastsonamazonmusic #podcast #music #glam #uk #rock #djkingblind #applepodcasts #googlepodcasts  #singer  #dj  #musician   #stars  #milkyway  #nasa  #space  #astronomy  #astronaut  #galaxy  #cosmos  #universe  #hubble  #science  #bowie  #ziggystardust  #astrophotography  #aladdinsane  #davidbowie  #davidrobertjones  #starman  #nebula  #thinwhiteduke  #ripdavidbowie  #solarsystem  #majortom  #halloweenjack  #planets  #themanwhofelltoearth  #bowieforever  #spacex  #iss  #telescope Find all links for DJ Kingblind here: https://linktr.ee/kingblind
Aug 25 2021
1 hr 4 mins
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