NFT Talk Show

Toni Payne

As an artist, investor, and educator who actively engages in trading NFTs and Crypto, I bring you hands-on experience, a wealth of knowledge, news, and all relevant information to help you navigate your way in NFTs and Crypto. Join me and my special guests as we discuss the technology, market, experiences, news, and answers to your NFT and Crypto-related questions. If you are bullish on NFTs and Crypto or wish to be, this is the podcast for you.

58: NFTs I am Bullish on + Disappointments, Market Sentiments and Things Project Founders Should Know57: Finding your vibe as an Artist in Web3 and getting your Art in front of the right collectors –  with Rachel Wilkins56: This is the Best time to Buy NFTs and Crypto – Here is Why55: NFT and Crypto Security – Scams to Look Out For54: What is Utility in NFTs + Does 1 of 1 NFT Art Need Utility? –  with Shill Water53: Let’s Talk Money: How to earn Passive and Active Income + What is Pancake Swap? with CryptoDuchess52: The Future of 1 of 1 art and how it can help counter negative perceptions about NFTs  – with Lori Grace51: Building Community Around Your NFT Art with Guest Andy Scrawlzy50: Your NFT Questions, Answered49: When is it too early to sell an NFT? Do you think I took an L?48: Opensea Just Integrated Solana NFTs: This is What it Could Mean for the NFT market47: Things I have learned about NFTs +  Where are NFTs headed with these rugpulls? with Holly Shannon46: Are Memes the Next Big Wave in NFTs?45: How to Find a Good NFT Project Early + Different Ways to Grow Your Crypto44: What is Staking Cryptocurrency?  + Intro into making Passive Income Staking Crypto & NFTs43: What’s the Alpha? ft. Witchy GF + NFT News and Updates42: Finding success in NFTs  |  1/1 Art, Meme Culture and Collage Artist, Cat Russell41: NFTs and Taxes with NFT and Crypto CPA Kate40: Challenges of Being an Artist and Female in NFTs with Shweta39: How I Approach Minting NFT Projects, Especially Those That Have a High Mint Price