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Understanding the Threat - Vanquishing Liberty's Enemies - Restoring the Republic
Feb 6 2023
Understanding the Threat - Vanquishing Liberty's Enemies - Restoring the Republic
The mission of Understanding the Threat (UTT) is to empower citizens, elected officials and police to dismantle the Marxist/communist and jihadi networks inside the United States and re-establish America’s founding principles in their communities. To do this, UTT provides threat-focused strategic and operational consultation, education, and training for federal, state, and local leadership and agencies in government, the private sector, and for private citizens. UTT is the only organization in America which empowers elected officials, police and citizens with tools to identify Marxist/communist and jihadi networks and dismantle them at the local level. When UTT President John Guandolo worked for the Department of Defense, his three (3) man team briefed Members of Congress – with great specificity – about the Muslim Brotherhood’s coming revolution months before it happened in January 2011. The war has unfolded exactly as it was briefed. No one else on the planet predicted/briefed these events. UTT worked with Senator Jeff Sessions prior to the 2016 election and provided Mr. Sessions information identifying a jihadi a man working inside Mr. Trump’s campaign. Because of this information and UTT’s efforts, that jihadi was removed from the Trump camp, and a second jihadi was prevented from getting in. Police departments and Sheriff’s offices across the nation report numerous investigations have been opened “as a direct result of UTT’s training and consultation,” which has led to the indictment and convictions of jihadis/terrorists inside the United States. Attendees of UTT training programs – including FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force agents/ officers – report to UTT at the end of training courses they (1) were NOT aware of the information prior to the program, and (2) the information is “critical” for protecting their local communities.