You Can be a STRONG Independent Woman Without a MAN

Network Marketing Breakthroughs with Rob Sperry

Feb 13 2023 • 24 mins

In this podcast, Rob Sperry interviews Lourene Bevaart, who shares her story about becoming a stronger independent woman!

Lourene Bevaart is the definition of an over-achiever.

As an elite sportsperson, Lourene won five karate world championships, became Gladiator Glacier after winning series two of the show, and was the personal trainer of choice for Russell Crowe and Shane Warne. As a health and wellness entrepreneur, Lourene has risen to become one of Australia’s most driven and inspiring network marketers.

Lourene is also a survivor. She has overcome the impacts of depression and a broken marriage to build a business and a life that she loves. A single mum to two daughters, Lourene takes pride in showing them what it means to be a strong, healthy, and independent woman.

Every day, she supports people to escape the monotonous and mediocre – to unlock their purpose, reclaim their power and live a life of their choosing.

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