Get Out of Excuse Mode and into Action!

Network Marketing Breakthroughs with Rob Sperry

Apr 10 2023 • 35 mins

Do you ever feel like you get in your own way where your business is concerned? Maybe you've started to play small or maybe you find yourself making way too many excuses?

Then you have to listen to Rob's interview with Industry Leader, Brooke Hemingway!! Brooke had every excuse NOT to be successful in her business:
She is the mom of 6 kids, ages 1-12, and started her business while nursing two babies. She's also an introvert who lives on a small island, and, in the beginning, she had no social media following.

She started her network marketing business a little over 3 years ago not knowing what it would become. She’s reached a milestone few achieve, becoming only the 3rd person in her entire company to achieve the position of double diamond, which is basically going to the top and turning around and doing it all over again.

In this interview, you'll hear TIPS to get you out of your excuses and into ACTION!!

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