How We Are Making 100 The New 30 - Episode 1

How We Are Making 100 The New 30

Nov 11 2020 • 10 mins

In his inaugural episode, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden welcomes listeners into his world of human longevity to provide insights and knowledge into living a long and prosperous life. In his mid-fifties, Dr. Gladden's health took a turn for the worse, both personally and professionally. He was getting burned out on traditional medicine, as it became more and more scripted, focused on compliance, and less about exploring creative and resourceful means of caring for patients. He was frustrated and discouraged but still wanted to help patients and build better programs to bring services to those who didn’t live close to a large hospital. He never lost sight of the bigger picture of democratizing access to healthcare and helping people overcome health challenges. Enjoy this episode as Dr. Gladden shares his personal story and outlines the types of conversations and materials "How We Are Making 100 The New 30" will feature in future episodes. Timecodes: 00:10 - The future of Dr. Gladden's practice and his passion for "making 100 the new 30" 01:30 - Dr. Gladden's mid-life sickness that changed his life forever 03:50 - Aside from medical concerns, Dr. Gladden was struggling with depression 04:38 - His decision to leave his cardiology group after 25 years 05:55 - Each client of his receives a different age for various bodily features 07:00 - How fit can I be and how many years can I carry that forward? 08:03 - We are the luckiest generation of all-time 09:30 - What listeners have to look forward to Connect with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden: https://www.facebook.com/Apexhhplo (Facebook) http://www.apexhhplo.com (Website)