How We Are Making 100 The New 30 - Overview on Longevity Circle

How We Are Making 100 The New 30

Jun 16 2021 • 25 mins

In this installment of How We Are Making 100 The New 30, Dr. Gladden explores the important factors contained within the Longevity Circle. Ultimately, people are truly invested in their performance when it comes to their physical or athletic experiences. But what they don't understand, is that performance can be linked to an array of different variables. Listen as Dr. Gladden showcases what those variables are and how his team at Gladden Longevity are measuring them to optimize longevity as a whole. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another insightful conversation surrounding the key elements that comprise the Longevity Circle. Timecodes: 0:20 - People are truly interested in performance 1:45 - Optimizing a growth mindset 4:05 - Optimizing spiritual health is also very important 6:45 - Genetic liabilities and optimizing genetic stability 9:30 - Epigenetic age and the rate of aging 12:00 - Proteostasis and why it's important to clear it out 17:00 - Optimizing our senescent cells and their status 20:30 - Killing of certain senescent cells 23:40 - Focus on Circadian Rhythm and it's importance overall Connect with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden: https://www.facebook.com/Apexhhplo (Facebook) http://www.apexhhplo.com/ (Website)