Ep. 130 - [Markus Rimmele] Digital Tool Kits and Additive Manufacturing are Redefining Work

Manufacturing Hub

Sep 14 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Markus Rimmele | Founder @ DigitalituM
Entrepreneur, Digitalization Ambassador, Field Service Leader, Electrical Engineer, Author, and Speaker. I moved from a mechatronics technician wiring machines to an Electrical Engineer programming production lines to a project manager and Service Leader to support manufacturing clients through the entire life cycle of their production assets. Founder of MR Service & Consult LLC, your boutique consultancy for digitalization in manufacturing, and the brand DigitalituM, which provides Digitalization tools to the manufacturing industry in North America.  Recent speaking engagements at Georgia Institute of Technology and other industry-related events like MAXIMOWORLD and International Maintenace Conference (IMC). I'm passionate about Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry, Transatlantic Relations, and business, as well as STEM & technical education through apprenticeship and further education. What makes me unique: Growing up in Germany and living for more than a decade in the USA makes me a hybrid of both cultures. With my technical education, I can talk Bit&Bytes, my EMBA degree from Georgia State University helps me to talk business.

Markus Rimmele joins Manufacturing Hub to talk about how new technologies reinvent how we work on the factory floor.

What is in a modern tool kit?
Additive Manufacturing
Digital Tool
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
and more!

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