Orientations - Rewriting what we think we know

The Sexual Voice

Aug 26 2016 • 51 mins

Orientation – who we are romantically and-or sexually attracted to or not. The concepts of sexual orientation are now more inclusive than ever before. There is pansexual, asexual, bi-sexual, transgender and Kink-BDSM and even pedophilia are being considered orientations. Our orientation defines our relationships and our basic sexual identity. Dr. Meg-John Barker expands the lens of sex therapy to see how we engage in non-monogamous relationships. Their work as a relationship anarchist is compelling. They have particular expertise around bisexuality, openly non-monogamous relationships, Kink-BDSM and non-binary gender. Looking Back - what words, phrases and images have helped you learn to express your sexual voice and identify you basic sexual needs. Stay tuned as we take a look back at what we shared with you over the past 4 great shows.