Bitcoin SV is superior technology, Lukas | CoinGeek Weekly Livestream | Episode 22

CoinGeek Weekly Livestream with Kurt Wuckert Jr.

Nov 12 2021 • 1 hr 12 mins

In this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream,  Kurt Wuckert Jr. interviewed Mr. Scatman (Lukas), the founder of the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) platform, ANNE. Lukas and Wuckert discussed #blockchain, #bitcoin, AI, and features of the ANNE network.

Lukas explained the workings of the network, stating that #Bitcoin does not replace web servers. He pointed out that the digital world and the real world are separate entities to him, as he prefers to strike a fine balance between the two. The two also spoke about AI, APIs, and Lukas' "cryptic" caricatures that are gaining popularity on Twitter.

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