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Thoughts of a Random (Citizen Remote Podcast)

Jun 14 2023 • 56 mins

Episode 68

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Internet Detox & Tangible Products

In this podcast episode, I talk to Nini Fritz, a remote team-building coach who aims to humanize the digital work environment and create more meaningful connections in the virtual office.

The conversation covers Nini's background, including her bringing up in rural Germany and her work experience and how life “just happens” and the benefits of just embracing it.

We also discuss Nini's upbringing in southern Germany and her experiences living in Bali, Indonesia, where she started her own business ventures, including a card game called eyeConnect and her experience boosting company culture in remote teams with her Work Happiness Project.

At the end, Nini shares her approach to remote team building and advice on living a life true to oneself.

Topics of Discussion

  • Growing up in Rural Germany
  • Adapting Identity while Moving Around the World
  • Recommendations for Living in Germany
  • Finding Peace in Bali
  • Traveling to Bali during COVID-19
  • Everyday Life in Rural Bali
  • Relaxed Work Culture and Entrepreneurial Environment in Bali
  • Living on a Budget in Bali
  • Creating the eyeConnect Card Game
  • Setting up Shop for the Game
  • Living in a Digital Nomad Community
  • Starting a Board Game Business
  • Work Happiness Project
  • Remote Team Building & Future of Remote Work

Nini’s Resources



The Work Happiness Project with "CITIZENREMOTE" / 20% discount on all workshops for teams by filling out the form on the website

eyeConnect - The Digital Detox Game / 5% discount with "EYECONNECTNOW"

About The Show

Thoughts of a Random (Citizen Remote Podcast) is a podcast oriented around open ideas, entrepreneurship, travel, investing, politics, philosophy, and an odd take on history. Together with Toarc United & Citizen Remote we talk with thought leaders from all around the world to stir the innovative mind. This podcast specifically talks about the importance of having an international perspective, the ins and outs of the business world, the entrepreneurial life, the digital nomad life, investing and ways to enjoy life in the new age.

Businesses worldwide have very quickly oriented themselves around freelancing, digital nomads, remote workers, and diluting borders. If you'd like to find out how you can benefit on an individual or entrepreneurial level from that change, this podcast is for you & Citizen Remote can help.

If you’re a startup, needing to find useful tools, wanting to build custom software or generally struggling with the next steps you should be taking to optimize your companies bottom line Toarc United can help.

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