Forgotten Cinema

Michael Butler & Michael Field

Welcome to Forgotten Cinema! Each episode, Mike Field and Mike Butler highlight a film that for a variety of reasons was forgotten by audiences. Whether it be because a more popular movie was released at the same time or the movie simply didn’t catch on with an audience in the its initial run. We’ll discuss what we love about the movie or perhaps don’t love about it and decide whether the movie is worth a revisit.
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Forgotten Cinema - An Introduction
Forgotten Cinema - An Introduction1.1 - The 'Burbs1.2 - The Legend of Tarzan1.3 - Wanted1.4 - Stir of Echoes1.5 - Valkyrie1.6 - Sorcerer1.7 - Collateral1.8 - Hudson Hawk1.9 - The Star Chamber1.10 - The A-Team1.11 - Meet the Robinsons1.12 - Dreamcatcher1.13 - Red Rock West2.1 - The Shadow2.2 - House Party2.3 - Reign of Fire2.4 - The Mask of Zorro2.5 - The Sugarland Express2.6 - Blue Velvet