Understanding Your Mind

Reprogram Your Mind

Jun 14 2022 • 42 mins

Understanding Your Mind
Season 1, Episode 5

If you are going to make changes to your life, you must understand how your mind works, and everyone’s mind works the same. When you make changes in your mind, you can change your behavior and change all the results in your life.

You have a conscious mind connected to the outside world through 5 physical senses. You have a subconscious mind which speaks in emotions and contains your conditioning and belief system. You have a body that is the servant of the mind and you take action with.

1:32 - Your mind, my mind and all minds function the exact same way. When we understand this, and understand our mind, then we can change it.

4:16- Bob Proctor made a lifetime of studying the mind and has taught people how to apply the information to get different results by living it every day.

6:47 - Bob was given a copy of Think and Grow Rich by his mentor Ray Stanford, and he continued to read that book every day until he recently passed away.

10:14 - You are a being that lives on 3 planes of existence. You are a spiritual being, you have an intellect and live in a physical body.

14:03 - What does your mind look like? Because our mind works in pictures, it is so important we have a picture of our mind to work with when we are trying to change our mind.

17:28 - I will communicate a picture of your mind to you that will change everything in your life.

20:27 - You conscious, thinking mind is also called your educated mind. Most of your “thinking” is done here. The sub-conscious mind is the part of you that is emotional and can be programmed and conditioned. You subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious mind.

23:25 - Your conscious mind is connected to the outside, physical world with 5 physical senses, which can help you adjust your behavior. We can become fooled or controlled by our senses.

26:02 - How trauma affects our mind and becomes a self-limited program in your self-image.

28:50 - We become what we think about. You subconscious has no power to reject any idea. This is an empowering awareness to have because it actually works for you.

31:27 - You conscious mind has 6 gifts you can use to control what it is you think about: Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason, Perception.

40:13 - Everyone’s mind works the same, but to different degrees based on skill, knowledge, practice and training.

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