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The ISG Digital Dish podcast explores the latest news, issues and debates involving the role of women to create a space for women’s voices and experiences in technology today. It brings together thinkers, industry leaders and pace setters who are ushering in – and sometimes questioning – the future of digital. What do women bring to the field? How can we think differently about how women together with men create competitive advantage and drive innovation? What does the field have to offer women seeking challenging and rewarding careers? How do relationships drive creativity and success? What can women share and learn from each other to collectively make a difference for ourselves? Join us for an ongoing discussion that examines these and other topics. We promise it will be a fresh and interesting journey.

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Sep 23 2021
31 mins
Digital Dish 14: Trust Your Inner Wisdom. It’s Usually Right!Digital Dish Episode 13: Leaning In and Leading RemotelyDigital Dish Episode 12: Teaching Girls STEM11. Making Work Work
There has been much debate in the media about the challenges women encounter on re-entering the workplace after a career break – often after caring for older family members or having children. Over the past year, these challenges have been further highlighted for women. It’s been shown that women more than men have borne the brunt of childcare responsibilities during lockdowns and school closures – and many have partially or completely left the workforce. The good news for women who are returning to the workforce is that the global pandemic has paved the way for greater flexibility at work, which means the job market is becoming more accommodating to all kinds of people who want more flexible work lives. Our guest on this episode of the Digital Dish podcast is social entrepreneur, Lynn Houmdi, who is leading a program in the UK called “Making Work Work,” which supports women returning to the workplace after a career break.  The program provides a combination of leadership training, mentoring and post-program support to build the two things that Houmdi claims women feel they lack when re-entering the world of work after a career break: confidence and networks. Her own struggle to find a way of working that suited her after becoming a mother inspired her to develop the program. She explains that, after having left a high-flying career in the British civil service to pursue her social enterprise passions, she realized there was very little support for women who chose a nonlinear career path. Listen in to learn how women returners can capitalize on the changes to the world of work, ushered in by the global pandemic, to find more fulfilling and flexible employment. Houmdi’s own career story also provides an inspirational reference point for young women starting their professional journeys.
Apr 8 2021
35 mins
10. “Couch Time” with Leadership Coach, Mary Patry
Mar 8 2021
33 mins
9. Getting Remote Recruitment Right
The global pandemic transformed the world of work almost overnight. Face-to-face interaction has become a thing of the past in many industries – particularly service industries – for now at least. Recruitment has been especially turned upside down. Recruiters have had to find new ways to remotely assess candidates and make sure new hires are onboarded, settled and supported without the age-old reliance on in-person interaction. And as economies around the world pick up and companies begin to hire again, getting remote recruitment right will be more important than ever. In this episode of the Digital Dish, host Jeanne Cuff talks to recruitment expert, Julia Mititelu, Associate VP at Frank Recruitment Group. Together they discuss the ins and outs of a digital onboarding process in which you never physically meet your new hire. Key to this is frequent online catch-ups to ensure the recruit understands what they need to do to be successful in their new role. Isolation is a real challenge for remote workers, and this episode highlights how women can ensure they stay connected and feel included when taking up a new position. ISG Partner Julie Fernandez joins the discussion to offer her views on how employers can ensure a successful remote onboarding process. Watch her short video HR Market Pulse: Four Tips for Remote Onboarding for further insights. Listen in from one of the links below to hear this informative discussion about remote recruitment and onboarding in a post-pandemic world.
Feb 3 2021
30 mins
8. What has the pandemic ever done for us?
When Kayla Harrington, then student now Legal Research Assistant at Thomson Reuters, wrote a blog about inherent gender bias in society, she was clearly hoping to raise the profile of the issue. But she didn’t anticipate that her blog would gain the attention of her father Jeff Harrington, whose eyes were opened to the issues she raised, or that it would eventually lead to a discussion on the ISG Women in Digital podcast. At college, Kayla took a very academic approach to the issue of sexism and developed the belief that the world was changing and gender equality was improving. Upon graduating and entering the world of work, she realized there was still a long way to go to overcome what she terms “ambivalent sexism.” This is the subtle and generally accepted sexism that permeates both the language we use to talk about women and the way we interact with women across all walks of life. Join host Jeanne Cuff as she talks to the father-daughter duo about gender inclusivity and how companies today must go further than just ensuring equal representation of women in the workplace. They discuss how the global pandemic of 2020 has highlighted the struggle for many women managing both family and work. Statistics indicate that one million people have left the workforce this year and that 80 percent of them were women who felt unable to juggle both work and family commitments under the unprecedented circumstances. According to Jeff, this creates a great opportunity for change. Because the pandemic has brought work and family life closer to each other for both men and women, many men can appreciate in a new way the challenges working women have faced for generations. He believes this appreciation will bring understanding, greater inclusivity – and hopefully less inherent gender bias in the workplace. Listen in to hear the discussion.
Dec 16 2020
33 mins
7. Cyber Hygiene and Security SleuthsDigital Dish Episode 6 - Testing Times5. The Rise of the Gig EconomyISG Digital Dish Episode 4 - Getting Down With the Data
Data is big and getting bigger, yet in some business areas it’s less well understood and used than in others. This seems to be the case for HR, where data is often viewed simply as a by-product of business activity rather than a valuable resource in its own right. Data can help us make sense of the world and drive business decisions, especially in times like now when our ability to understand the changing landscape of a pandemic is critical to survival. Getting a handle on data and what it’s telling us is often harder than people imagine, not least in the HR space where the data can be exceptionally complex. Human capital data holds a great deal of untapped potential, but it is rarely mined for its full value. The vision is to use data to change the way we work rather than just thinking about it as a tool to help us sell more products and services.  In this episode of the ISG Digital Dish podcast, host Jeanne Cuff talks to Caitlin Bigsby, Product Marketing Director at workforce analytics firm Visier Inc., about the need for a cultural shift when it comes to HR data analytics. According to Bigsby, HR leaders need to reframe the questions they are asking. Instead of asking “What are we collecting?” they should ask “What would it be valuable to know?”. Bigsby believes the gains will be great if HR organizations can focus on business outcomes rather than data inputs. Listen in to this much-needed conversation about all things “data”, from culture to skills to data’s role in helping drive strategic business decisions.
Aug 18 2020
25 mins
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