Thank God Cancer Saved our Divorce

Jamie, Denny, and Amanda Featuring Brandon Clark

Could you do a podcast with your ex AND your new spouse? Armed with nothing but a microphone, Denny defends himself from Jamie (the ex-wife) and Amanda (the new wife) as they discuss life, parenting, divorce, and overcoming CANCER with their shared daughter, Audrey. As parents they discuss dealing with relationships, adoption, cancer, divorce, step-kids…..all of it. This is a podcast about life, family, and "parenting without excuses"!

A Look Back To Shannon And Olivia From CMN!
Jun 13 2022
A Look Back To Shannon And Olivia From CMN!
A sick kid and a HUGE home improvement project delayed this weeks pod! (pssssst....check back tomorrow)We'll make it up, we promise!  Until then....Listen back to February of 2021 and our VERY inspirational guests!Last week Stephen from Speedway C-Stores told us about a little girl he'd met through the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. He told us the incredible story of how a mother, Shannon, learned her 3 month old daughter had cancer in her eyes. Read that again.Today, Olivia is 14. At the time Shannon was told her daughter wouldn't make it a year. Since then all Olivia and Shannon have done is prove there is always hope.Listen as Shannon and Olivia tell their story of staying positive through learning about Retinoblastoma (cancer in your eyes), 35 surgeries, and losing an eye. They will explain how they have filled Olivia's first 14 years with memories so that IF she loses her second eye then she will have memories to look back on. It's INCREDIBLE to hear this story.Since she can remember, Olivia has been raising money for the Children's Miracle Network. Through those times she has also made some pretty good relationships with some influential people. Once you listen you'll understand.....she's always up front with them...she keeps her eye on them". Yeah, I said it.This girl and her mother are nothing short of amazing. Staying positive has been Shannon's theory and it hasn't let her down. You'll hear the power in her voice. You'll hear the enthusiasm in Olivia's.We cannot thank Stephen Schaaf enough for delivering Shannon and Olivia to our podcast. This was nothing short of inspirational and we cannot wait to have her on again soon!Learn more about Olivia hereLearn about Olivia's love of baseballJust Olivia on TV, that's all :)Make -A-Wish Trip!