Midnight Patriots

The Midnight Patriots

Hosted by Over-Caffeinated, Over-stressed, Under-paid, Alcohol consuming, Video Gaming, Constitution Loving, History Geeks, with Insomnia. Join Spartan, Cryptik and Burton as they discuss politics, current events, life, history and everything in between. No TOPIC is off-limits. Unscripted, unrestricted and unafraid, so strap in and listen up! Support this podcast:

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Episode 301 - We ARE Back
May 3 2022
58 mins
Episode 301 - We ARE BackSpecial Guests - Amanda Suffecool & George HobbsSpecial Guest - Will Leftridge returnsSpecial Guest - Lone Star Speaks - JFK AssassinationSpecial Guest - Brian SmithSpecial Guest - Will LeftridgeConservatives Under Attack