Tech Optimist

Alumni Ventures

The Tech Optimist podcast focuses on the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. True to our name, we are passionate about technology and its potential to drive positive change. We explore our lane through interviews with startup founders, VCs, and futurists; discussions of new innovations; and reviews of trends in tech and venture.

The show is produced by Alumni Ventures, which has been recognized as a "Top 20 Venture Firm" by CB Insights ('24) and as the "#1 Most Active Venture Firm in the US" by Pitchbook ('22 & '23). Alumni Ventures is a disruptive startup, founded in 2014 to democratize venture capital, and was built from the ground up to make this asset class more accessible for individual accredited investors. We have raised $1.25B+ from 10K+ individuals, invested in 1,300+ companies, and built a 625K network of supporters. Our community is our secret sauce.

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