How to Forecast Your Self Published Book Sales | Episode 224

The Heidi Thorne Show

Dec 14 2021 • 17 mins

I've estimated that 1% of your author platform, or fan base, actually buys your self published books. But how can you figure how many fans you actually have? This is a deep dive into social media, YouTube, and email marketing metrics that matter.

Blog: How to Forecast Your Self Published Book Sales http://hub.me/aoT6Y

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/3g5we8t7fXI

Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:20 Engagement metrics that matter

3:18 Email & blog subscribers

5:45 YouTube

8:42 Facebook Pages

9:45 Instagram

13:00 Twitter

13:45 LinkedIn

15:09 Podcast followers

16:04 Calculating your book sales forecast

17:02 How to connect with Heidi