Google Play Auto-Narration Audiobooks for Self Publishing | Episode 250

The Heidi Thorne Show

Jun 14 2022 • 8 mins

The audiobook market is still on an upward trajectory, with another year of double digit gains. But the audiobook industry is in somewhat of a practical and existential crisis with Google Play now offering self publishing of audiobooks using text-to-speech (TTS) robot voices.

Let’s talk about what auto-narration is, how it will impact audiobooks, and what that means for authors who are self publishing audiobooks. P.S. Did you know that AI narration was used in the Top Gun 2 sequel movie? You'll want to hear about this!

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Timestamp show notes (click on timestamp to view segment on YouTube):

0:17 Growth and challenges for the future of audiobooks

0:56 What are Google Play auto-narration audiobooks?

3:42 The LOL problem

4:34 ISBN and GGKEY numbers for Google Play auto-narration audiobooks

4:59 Exciting and scary future for robot auto-narrating of audiobooks

6:00 How the Top Gun 2 movie used AI narration

7:11 How to connect with Heidi

Udemy course: How to Self Publish an Audio Book

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