Hang in There

I'm The Good Thing

Apr 24 2023 • 4 mins

You can't make anyone want you around. If they keep rejecting your presence, then stop being present.

Key discussion points from this episode include:

  • Rejection - 1:25
  • Priority - 2:23

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  • “If you sense that your presence is no longer valued, is no longer necessary, or even honored and respected, you owe it to yourself to protect your heart, to protect your mind, and to protect your soul.” - Denise Taylor





You’re Good, Sis.

I'm the Good Thing is focused on helping women grow personally. Understanding our worth and value is the secret sauce to truly embracing our power. And the biggest revelation is rooted in accepting and seeing ourselves the way God sees us. When God uniquely created us, He without hesitation declared "We Are Good."

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