A lifetime of fine wine with master winemaker Chris Hatcher

Tales From The Top

Dec 21 2021 • 45 mins

In today’s show, we are joined by master winemaker Chris Hatcher.  After 35 years with Wolf Blass creating some of Australia's most successful wines, he is now a highly respected international wine show judge,  recipient of countless trophies and the creator of more than 200 gold medal-winning wines.

Being a winemaker isn’t just about wine tastings and prestigious events, it's science and hard work!


Beringer Blass Chief Winemaker, Chris Hatcher came to the ultimate winemaking position at one of the world's great wineries in 1996 with impeccable credentials. He is generally considered to be one of Australia's premium white winemakers and one of the country's most respected wine show judges.

At Wolf Blass between 1988 and 1995, Chris made 39 trophy-winning wines and 218 gold medallists. “Hatch” has the rare distinction of having been a senior judge at all capital city wine shows where exhibitors are permitted to judge.

After stints at Orlando and Kaiser Stuhl in the Barossa Valley and the Simi Winery in California, Chris joined Beringer Blass (then Wolf Blass Wines) in December 1987. For almost 10 years prior to becoming Chief Winemaker, Chris was the Senior Winemaker responsible for white wine and sparkling wine production at Wolf Blass in the Barossa Valley.

Since his appointment to the top job in 1996 the wines made at every outpost of the Beringer Blass empire have improved in quality. Chris is known to be a fastidious man with obsessive attention to detail, which has filtered to every winemaker working for him today and in the past.


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And we will be back next week with another episode to discover more, - Tales from the Top.

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