Kim Ryrie – Influencing the Sound of the World’s Biggest Artists

Tales From The Top

Dec 13 2022 • 1 hr 26 mins

Kim Ryrie – Influencing the Sound of the World’s Biggest Artists

Kim Ryrie is a visionary entrepreneur, who pioneered the use of computers and digital technology in music and film.

Starting out of a basement in Sydney, Kim and his team created the world’s first digital sampling synthesiser, which would go on to alter the course of contemporary music in the 80’s and beyond. The Fairlight CMI would be used by many of the world’s biggest artists such as Stevie Wonder, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson, Yello, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Herbie Hancock, Icehouse, Duran Duran, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Art of Noise, Def Leppard, Liza Minnelli, Pet Shop Boys, Joni Mitchell, Hans Zimmer, Prince and Devo to name a few.

Being pioneers in the new world of computing, Kim and his team used the technology to create business computers and then on to the range of Fairlight digital hard disk products for video and film.

Kim is now the CEO of DEQX, bringing true high-definition music playback to loudspeakers for music playback. DEQX products can be found in some of the top recording and mastering facilities around the globe, and in many no compromise home music systems.

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