[10 Minute Tune-Up] Optimizing Site Search Functionality for Easier Product Discovery

Ecommerce Optimizers

Nov 10 2023 • 9 mins

In this debut episode of the "10 Minute Tune-Up" series, host Scott Reid delves into a crucial aspect of Ecommerce: enhancing product discovery through effective site search optimization.

The 10 Minute Tune-Up series aims to provide Ecommerce professionals with one actionable strategy within a 10-minute span, focusing on either traffic or website optimization.

Scott emphasizes the importance of A/B testing for website optimization ideas, highlighting that strategies successful on one site might not universally apply. This episode primarily concentrates on improving site search functionality, especially on mobile platforms, where user challenges are often overlooked.

Through real examples from various Ecommerce sites, Scott illustrates common pitfalls and best practices in site search. He points out issues like the absence of a visible search icon, the confusion around the 'go' button on mobile devices, and the effective use of search bars and icons.

Brands reviewed in this episode include:





Scott also discusses the necessity of site search functionality in correlation with the number of products offered. He suggests conducting user research to understand product discovery challenges better and whether implementing site search (if not present) could alleviate these issues.

The episode concludes with Scott urging listeners to evaluate their own websites’ search functionalities against the best practices discussed and to understand that facilitating easier and more intuitive product discovery can significantly boost sales.

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