[Reducing Traffic Costs Series] Introduction & Step 1

Ecommerce Optimizers

Dec 22 2023 • 10 mins

In this first episode of the Reducing Traffic Costs series, host Scott Reid dives into the vital topic of reducing traffic costs without compromising on traffic quality.

Main Discussion Points:

  • Understanding Traffic Costs: Scott explores common issues in Ecommerce traffic strategies, including the inevitability of some waste due to testing different promotion methods.
  • Types of Traffic: The episode categorizes traffic into three types - Awareness, Engagement, and Conversion, each serving a unique purpose in the customer journey.
  • Optimization Strategies: Practical steps to analyze and optimize traffic strategies based on their intended purpose, ensuring cost-effectiveness without losing quality.
  • Actionable Steps: Scott guides listeners through a practical exercise to analyze their current traffic strategies, encouraging them to list out their traffic sources, purposes, and associated costs for a comprehensive overview.


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