Ep. 53 - Leading a Family-Owned Business with Andrea Hood

She Talks Business

Apr 4 2022 • 47 mins

Examine the Floor Plan of a Family-Owned Business

Grab your sledge hammer because we’re breaking down the wall of gender biases with Andrea Hood today! This week, our special guest shares her story of taking over her family business in a traditionally male-dominated industry. A life changing decision turned what was at one time intended to be just a summer job into the now President of Atkinson Carpet.

In this episode, hear Andrea share what her business owner superpower is (it’s probably not what you think it is), what it’s like to take the helm in a family-owned business, and the key tools that have led her to succeed.

My favourite takeaway from this conversation is the point we make about increasing your prices. Do you worry that if you increase your prices you’ll lose business? You’d be surprised how many business owners struggle with this subject. Trust your gut, be transparent with your clients, and stop allowing fear to dictate your decisions.

It’s time to tune out the distractions and tune into another fantastic episode. This one might just leave you “floored”!

What’s in This Episode

  1. Leading as a woman in a male dominated space

  2. “Lisa the Wireless Wonderwoman” (Sorry, were you expecting  a man?)

  3. Don’t ask permission to increase your prices

  4. Why Profitability Assessments are key

  5. Navigating through disputes in a family-owned business

  6. Inflation and supply chain challenges in 2022

What To Do Next

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