One AirPod, Two Boyfriends, Even More Notes App, and a Mayo Mystery

A Thing or Two with Claire and Erica

Jan 8 2024 • 32 mins

Let’s dive into some Hellmann’s drama, TSwift x Wordsworth, and lots more re: the secret life of girls (thank you to Wired for the Notes App *respect*!!!).

To know Prof. Stephanie Burt is to love Prof. Stephanie Burt—this NYT interview about her Harvard Taylor Swift class will get you there. A fave on the syllabus: Grace and the Fever by Zan Romanoff.

It’s pintxo season (we say!). Woldy Kusina shows us how it’s done, and Despaña is a great ingredient source. (Also: RIP the Prune Chicago Matchbox Bloody Mary.)

Indoor/Outdoor Boyfriends brought to you buy Ella Risbridger’s You Get In Love And Then newsletter. (Have you read her book Midnight Chicken?)

Did you know Hellmann’s mayonnaise is known as something else entirely in parts of the West? Share your thoughts on this revelation at 833-632-5463,, or @athingortwohq, and chat it up about anything at all in our Geneva!

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