4. Tiffany Ashton: Country Music "Rising Star," Vocalist, Musician -- on Songwriting, Singing, and Taking Her Career from Playing Baseball Stadiums at Age 6 to Touring with Some of the Best Musicians in Nashville

Brenton Hund Podcast

Feb 15 2021 • 1 hr 24 mins

In this episode you and I sit down with Tiffany Ashton, one of the “New Faces of Country” (Renegade Radio in Nashville), a “Rising Star” (Nashville Universe Awards), and "Country Artist of the Year" (Hollywood Music in Media, prior recipient).  She’s performed stages from the legendary Viper Room in Hollywood to the Opryland Resort Big Night Nashville New Year’s eve concert.  Tiffany’s new single, “Cowboy”, is out, to critical praise.

Tiffany talks about songwriting, upcoming projects, graduating college during COVID, and about her journey from singing baseball stadiums at age 6, to touring with some of the best musicians in Nashville.   Tiffany explains what motivates her and what defines her on and off the stage.

- to Greg Presmanes for introducing Susan and me.  Thank you!

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