The One Where We Discuss SEO & Imposter Syndrome

The SEO SAS Podcast

Dec 14 2020 • 38 mins

Whether you’re just starting in SEO or have been working in the industry for sometime now, you’re bound to have felt some levels of imposter syndrome feelings.

This week, Hannah and Sarah discuss why imposter syndrome is common in the SEO industry, giving practical tips and advice on how to deal with these feelings.

There’s many factors of working in SEO that can impact people having these feelings, which they discuss using real life examples and their own experiences.

Yes, “it depends” is a common answer for many SEO related questions but this is for a good reason and not to do with someone’s capabilities, expertise and skills. Which is discussed in this episode.

So if you struggle with these feelings of imposter syndrome, this episode is definitely not one to miss. Also this week’s feature is a corker and Sarah seems to be very good at it...