E 030: Building a Business while "Mommy"ing Featuring Dr Dosunmu


Oct 15 2020 • 38 mins

On today’s episode, we chat with Dr Dosunmu  a physician, serial entrepreneur and owner of Foundation pediatrics in East Orange on how she built many thriving business ventures in the retail, beauty and healthcare spaces.

Now a business coach at her new venture Maven CEO, she talks on how she uses her wealth of knowledge in management and consulting to help others thrive.

LollieTasking is a self-improvement podcast for women by women. I am your host Dr. Lola Day, a physician and work-life strategist, and founder of Productive Mompreneur, a high performance and growth club for busy moms; where we help mom Overcome Procrastination, Ditch Overwhelm, and Be Productive... so they can reclaim their life and leave a legacy for their children without sacrificing more time away from their family.

Join me and other amazing and inspirational women as we discuss our passion, discovering our purpose, and learn how we can continue to strive to be the productive CEO of not just our business/ work, but also our lives!

After listening, I hope you will be motivated and know “you can do it too with some planning, a little bit of balance, and a dash of determination”!

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