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From Activism to Leadership: Guy Rocourt's Cannabis Evolution
Feb 27 2024
From Activism to Leadership: Guy Rocourt's Cannabis Evolution
Dr. Leroy is thrilled to introduce Guy Rocourt, the CEO of Papa and Barkley - a leading name in the cannabis wellness realm. Guy's journey from cannabis activism to helming a renowned brand like Papa and Barkley showcases his deep passion and expertise in the field. With a focus on product development and advocating for safe access to cannabis, Guy is a trusted figure in the cannabis wellness community. Join us as we explore his insights on the therapeutic potential of cannabis, his journey to becoming a CEO, and the importance of social equity in cannabis regulations. Gain fresh perspectives and untold insights into the evolving landscape of cannabis therapy with Guy Rocourt on "Cannabis Enlightened." The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:01 - Disclaimer and Introduction00:02:19 - Origin of Papa and Barclay00:05:19 - The Name "Guy"00:09:32 - Education and Career Path00:13:45 - Product Development and Regulation00:14:19 - Legalization and Access to Cannabis00:16:24 - Product Endorsement and Consumer Feedback00:17:35 - Differentiation and Integrity in Product Creation00:20:02 - Cannabis as a Medicinal Solution00:22:01 - Overcoming Misinformation and Racial Bias00:28:03 - The Importance of Staying True to Natural Practices00:29:51 - Honoring Juneteenth and American History00:32:27 - Challenges of Achieving Social Equity00:37:10 - Overcoming Cannabis Shame and 280E Challenges00:42:28 - Empowering Individuals and Advocating for Change00:43:01 - Gratitude and Positivity00:43:34 - Cannabis as a Way of Life00:44:10 - Sponsorship and Acknowledgment00:44:25 - Podcast Production00:44:53 - Conclusion See for privacy information.