feeling like a brand new homeschool mom: exploring high school years with Ashley

make joy normal: cozy homeschooling

Sep 15 2023 • 41 mins

It catches you by surprise. One day, they're all babies and little kids and you're having so much fun with all the schooling and suddenly, someone is 14 or 15!   It all seems to get a lot more serious and we find ourselves in a completely new landscape.  Thanks to Ashely for her willingness to share her questions and concerns on this podcast, as we explore that new landscape.

00:29 - Welcome Ashley!
2:03 - Developing a high school transcript
5:21 - Having a conversation with your teen about their future
7:48 - Write everything down that they do
11:02 - Discerning what's best for your family
19:20 - Developing a course and grading
28:25 - Coaching our children
34:52 - Family life and time management
38:35 - New school year, where to start?


getting to graduation with grace (Youtube)

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