Authors Over 50

Julia Brewer Daily, Julia Daily

Authors Over 50’s weekly podcast celebrates writers and their journeys to publication. Writing after 50 is a whole story on its own. So, let’s skip to life’s sweetest third and talk with authors about their journey from pen to publish. Welcome. I’m Julia Daily, your host, and I invite you to listen to interviews with writers who’ve achieved their goal of publishing a book just later in life. We’ve seen award lists for Under 30 or Under 40, but I’ve yet to see lists for those who’ve achieved a significant milestone of their own—launching a new career and publishing their first book after the age of 50. We will hear about these authors’ inspirations, struggles, strategies, and the smell of that first book. These writers’ journeys inspire me because I’m one of them.

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Authors Over 50
Mar 7 2022
1 min
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