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Hello and welcome to the Grab a Drink with Cat Garcia podcast! Join me as I sit down with a variety of your favorite media members, journalists, radio personalities, authors, storytellers, former colleagues — and of course, most of your favorite sportswriters -- for honest, insightful and often hilariously candid conversations over a stiff one. Some of my favorite things about the media and news industry have always been hearing the advice, stories, and anecdotes that have been swapped over beers and drinks with all sorts of incredible people at our favorite local watering holes. My hope is to recreate those experiences and moments that I so often wish our audiences were there for, and bring them to you in a podcast! So pour a tall one or grab a coffee and join us! Podcast published weekly on Tuesdays. read less


Grab A Drink with Cat Garcia -- Episode 4 ft. Allie Mezei
Feb 1 2022
Grab A Drink with Cat Garcia -- Episode 4 ft. Allie Mezei
Join me as I sit down with Allie Mezei, a Chicago-based lawyer and the de facto legal expert for the Q Anon Anonymous podcast which covers extremism, disinformation, and sometimes -- like when Allie is on — cults.Allie and I chat about the prayer that former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was noted as reciting several months ago at a public function and it’s distinct connection to the Church Universal and Triumphant, an offshoot of the I AM Activity cult that was founded in Chicago in the late 1800s. You may remember the I AM Activity name from the Montana bunker situation that made headlines in the 80s.Allie takes us through the history of the two cults and her experience researching the Church Universal and Triumphant… one that took her to Brookfield, Illinois for an in-person church meeting and much more. Grab a drink and join us!TW: QAnon, Save The Children, cult victim stories... lots of unseemly things. Caution!---If you liked what you heard, please consider buying me a coffee! support helps ensure that I am able to independently produce the best version of the show possible, for you, the listener!Twitter: @TheBaseballGirl @grabadrink_podMusic provided by Hello Thematic and mixed by Cat Garcia.----LINKS TO RESOURCES AND TOPICS MENTIONED:QAA EPISODES FT. ALLIE MEZEI: I AM Cult What’s Kraken?  -- (Sidney Powell/Lin Wood lawsuits) Sovereign Citizens /Neely Blanchard (Premium)ARTICLES: CUT Prayer: Flynn Recited a Doomsday Cult Leader's Prayer at a September Church EventMore on I AM : on CUT: When someone claims to be a 'sovereign citizen', what does that mean?Matthew Coleman: Surf Instructor Killed His Children and Claimed QAnon Made Him Do It, FBI SaysMore on Neely Blanchard: How a Custody Fight Plus QAnon Turned DeadlySupport the show