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Episode 432 - Interview With Marta Spirk!
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PATRICIA KAREN GAGIC DStG Patricia is an accomplished International Contemporary Artist and an award-winning Author. She is President of Patricia Karen Gagic Art Enterprise Inc. Patricia is represented by the Paul Fisher Gallery in West Palm Beach and Miami, 13th Street Gallery in St. Catharines, Visual Voices In New York, and FACEC In France. Patricia has exhibited with BB International Fine Arts in Switzerland with her work accepted to Art Fairs including Geneva, Berlin, France, Austria, Zurich, London United Kingdom and Seoul, Korea. Exhibitions across North America have included the Coda Gallery in New York, Meg Gallery and Peak Gallery in Toronto, Artworld Fine Art, and Denison Gallery in Toronto. Patricia has achieved an impressive pedigree. In 1999, she began her solo mentorship with Master Artist Dragan Dragic in Savoillan, France. It was her great honor to exhibit with Dragan Dragic in Sault, France in 2008 with curation by Jean Pierre Thelcide. In 2007, Patricia was appointed Honorary Commissioner at the 52nd Venice Biennale in support of Transcendental Realism -Art by Adi Da Samraj. She is recognized by the International Institute for Arts Accreditation as an International Certified Artist. She is also a member of Mondial Art Institute and in 2018, exhibited at Parallax Art Fairs in London, Chelsea and Kensington UK. In December 2018, Patricia won the gold medal in photography at the Salon National des Beaux-Arts (SNBA) at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. She was the first Canadian female to achieve this recognition. In 2019, her work was exhibited at the Salons des Indépendants Grand Palais in Paris, the Brussels 3F Art Fair and the World Art event in Cannes. In 2019, she accepted the silver medal at the Societe Academique Arts, Sciences and Lettres de France in Paris and the Pewter Medal in 2020. Patricia received the 2020 Apollo and Daphne award from the Le Bernin – International Biennial of Baroque Art Salentin in Italy. Patricia received the International Prize New York City in October 2020 at the White Space Chelsea Gallery in NY. Her work has been published in the World of Art Contemporary Art Magazine and Contemporary Artists. By invitation, her paintings were exhibited at the prestigious Whitney Commons Gallery in Toronto, Ontario in 2018. Art Tour International magazine named Patricia Gagic one of the Top 60 best artists in New York in 2018, 2019 and 2020. She was named Artist of the Year 2020 by Art Tour International Magazine. Her painting Escape to Reality was displayed on the cover of the summer issue. Patricia hosted the Art In A Box project for the WXN (Women's Executive Network) Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada July 2020 and a CAN#150 event for Female Olympians. She is currently working on a collaboration with her long time friend Greg DiFrancesco under the brand Lotus97.7. In 2017, she received the Arts Excellence Award for Courage and Commitment to Human Rights, Dignity and Freedom from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association in Toronto. It is a very prestigious award given to Canadians who dedicate their lives to service and art. Patricia was co-founder and a participant in the Colors of Freedom Art portfolio which included works by 20 international artists.
Apr 20 2022
1 hr 15 mins
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