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Q+A Episode | Two hours of answering questions from listeners
May 15 2024
Q+A Episode | Two hours of answering questions from listeners
Finally, the long-delayed Q+A episode! I begin with an update of some recent stuff that's been going on with me and then delve into listener-submitted questions. Thank you to everyone who wrote in! Here's a list of the questions I tackle in order:1. SJ: I think the Holy Spirit represents the feminine. What say you?  2. John W.:Is it reasonable that we are witnessing the fall of the American Empire? Or better the fall of the cabal?3.Anthony S.:Can and will what we today call esoteric knowledge be divulged to the mainstream and general populace so as to become common knowledge, or will this kind of knowledge always attract and pertain to a smaller but perhaps more influential niche target audience?4.Katie:I’ve recently been drawn to read the Kybalion again; however, it feels like I’m reading a different book each time I go through it. I don’t see any of your teachings posted about hermetic philosophy, and am wondering if you have thoughts or lessons on it. 5.Kelly:How does the advancement of AI, which has been rumored to be sentient, play into the future of our species? Are we in real trouble of a potential skynet situation?6.Chris:What is your interpretation, or that of Hall’s if he addressed it, regarding why Pandora refrained from releasing hope from her box into the world?7.Conlan:What is the first question someone should ask themselves before going on the journey of exploring their consciousness?8.Kaity:Many of the esoteric philosophies refer to "the law" and I have a basic sort of level of understanding of what this means and represents, but I'd like to know if there's more info on this "law" anywhere that you know of that delves into specifics? Also, have you delved much into numerology as a study of people and their purpose according to Pythagoras' original concepts of numbers? Finally, jow has your own personal way of living and lifestyle been altered by studying esoteric philosophy?9.Lauren: I am confused by FDR occult/NWO influence. Do you think he was nefarious and working on behalf of the oligarchy? Also, why do you think Engdahl and other authors were not eliminated as a threat during their research? Seems like certain people disappear and others continue to proliferate information(Sorry for time reasons I couldn’t get to your other questions)10.  Chris J.:How do you explain the extreme overrepresentation of Jews and dual citizenship Israelis within the United States Government? I agree that the United States has become a corporate oligarchy as you say so often but it still seems to me that there is something behind the scenes orchestrating much of what has occurred in the past two centuries.11.Antti:Hey Alex! I've been trying to fit the Antarctic treaty to the bigger political picture but can only formulate well rationed guesses.Do you have content discussing the theme or insight what is going on there? Send us a Text Message.