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33a. Ukraine, Russia, NATO, and the Grand Chessboard | the geopolitics behind current events
Mar 2 2022
33a. Ukraine, Russia, NATO, and the Grand Chessboard | the geopolitics behind current events
In this episode I take a comprehensive look at the geopolitical dynamics behind the current situation in Ukraine, with a particular focus on the long-developing tensions between the governing elites of the US and Russia. This presentation is based around exploring the following key themes:1. I begin with an overview of the core philosophical themes that I emphasize on this channel and in my publications.2. I then move on to build a basic sociological model of empire, where a small ruling class of military, financial, and corporate interests forms a centralized, extractive relationship in relation to the rest of society, as well as with other civilization units outside of itself.3. I then give a short overview of American empire and discuss its strategic perspective on Eurasian politics and economics.4. This all sets the stage for an in-depth discussion of post-Cold War US and Russia relations. This discussion leads up to a close look at the current situation in Ukraine.5. I finish this presentation by considering what the grand strategy of the American governing elite might be and consider how events pertaining to the Great Reset interface with that strategy. Here, I discuss how the economic and political consequences of this Ukraine situation relate to the Great Reset. I conclude by wondering if and how the recent UFO revelations and the existence of a "Secret Space Program" concealed within and behind the American national security establishment will impact the unfoldment of current events.Thanks for tuning in. References cited below. God Bless, - AlexReferences1. Various articles from F. William Engdahl ( 8.