Prachee Kale Unleashing the Power of Introverts

Denise Griffitts - Your Partner In Success™ Radio!

Apr 24 2023 • 1 hr 1 min

Prachee Kale is helping introverted techies become superstar leaders and bringing design thinking to cybersecurity. She is combining her 17 year expertise in cybersecurity, business strategy, DEI and, executive coaching through Think.Design.Cyber’s unique offerings. She is the CEO/Co-founder of Think.Design.Cyber and Executive Fellow at CyberTheory Institute. Prachee joins us today to talk about introverts which is a topic close to my heart as I am one. I am not shy... not even close to be honest, but I need to be alone 98% of the time. So imagine my delight during the preinterview when she said she could talk extensively and passionately about introverts and how we contribute in the world! She is here to share why she feels introverts important as the voice of change and how they creative force without changing their personalities. In short, she joins us to dispel myths, stories and bias about introverts. We will talk about: Solving the challenges that introverts face in their jobs.How to position yourself strongly in high stake situations.How to become visible to senior management.Overcoming apprehensions against self-promotion, networking and relationship building.How to apply practical tips and tools to your daily life to manage burnout and resistance. Connect with Prachee on the web: Website | LinkedIn