Jessi Park - Breaking the Cycle

Denise Griffitts - Your Partner In Success™ Radio!

Jun 3 2022 • 1 hr 1 min

"I firmly believe that you can have whatever it is that you desire. It takes mental fortitude to push through the rough days, a belief in yourself that you will reach and deserve greatness, and most importantly consistency in working towards your goals every day." ~ Jessi Park Selling insurance can be a lucrative career, but few people really make it. Jessi Park is one of them. In just 4 years, she went from scraping by on unemployment to a top sales agent to opening her own agency. But her journey to success wasn't an easy one. A Full-Time Entrepreneur and Mother 4.5 years ago, Jessi Park was dialing aged leads out of Orlando Public Library to try and start her insurance business while also job hunting. Within 8 months she wrote over $1 million in business. Within 1 year, she was making 6 figures and within 3 years she was debt-free, bought her first home, and a 6000 square foot commercial building for her agents to work in. She is the Founder and President of Inspired Insurance Solutions, LLC, which consists of hundreds of agents nationwide. She has taught the “Good, Better, Best” method to thousands of agents nationwide and helped countless agents start successful careers.  Jessi Park joins host Denise Griffitts to share how the right mindset coupled with unwavering grit can empower people to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs and make their own way in the world. Website | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook