The Self Awareness Journey Podcast


This little banter is about a ‘car ride’ long and features your hosts JJ Parker and Melissa Albers. JJ owns a tech company and Melissa has been a leadership coach working with Influencers for the last 18 years. Together they share their experiences with self awareness and discuss The Self Awareness Journey Map which Melissa has developed through her coaching experience.

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EP105: Mental Health and the Media
EP105: Mental Health and the MediaEP104: The Link Between Mood and Food with Megan BaumlerEP103: Long-Term RelationshipsEP102: Spring Cleaning of Your MindEP101: Controlled vs. Controlling_EP100: Dr. Karen Doll, Mental Health at WorkEP99: Cancel CultureEP98: Funny BusinessEP97: I love You Man, After 3 DrinksEP96: Have You Noticed You Have Been Off?EP95: Deprogramming from Early ImpressionsEP94: Self Soothing TechniquesEP93: The Great ResignationEP92: 95% Think They Are Self-Aware, But Only 10% AreEP91: Diversity and Inclusion - Building BridgesEP90: Five Terms to Manage Your Mental HealthEP89: Cultivating MomentumEP88: Living Through and Supporting GriefEP87: Harvard Business Review on StressEP86: How Embarrassing!